Am I a member or is my company a member?

IAMCP memberships are personal and do not extend to a company or other individuals. This means that the registered person is the only employee from a company that is able to attend monthly meetings and other events in which membership is a requirement. For example, a member can bring a fellow employee to a monthly meeting, but that fellow employee will have to pay for lunch at the door unless they are a first-time guest.

Can I bring a guest or more to the meetings?

Yes. Members are encourage to bring guests. All first-time guests are able to attend a meeting at no cost. All non-first-timers will be charged at the door.

Can I go to other chapter meetings if I am a member?

Yes. When you become a member of IAMCP SoCal-North, you are a national member and are freely able to attend all IAMCP meetings, including Orange County, San Diego, Northern LA, Las Vegas, etc. Members are encouraged to get the most out of their membership and networking opportunities.

Can I pay for my membership at this website?

IAMCP is an international association and therefore you must register at the IAMCP-US site. Please make sure that you select the IAMCP-Socal-North for your local chapter. Click here to be directed to the registration page.

How many people are a part of IAMCP SoCal-North Chapter?

Numbers may vary. We are currently at 45 members and have been recognized as the fastest growing chapter in the United States.

How much does it cost to attend a meeting?

Monthly meetings are free for all IAMCP members and first-time guests. For repeat guests, meetings are $20 a person. Meeting facility may have a parking fee associated with it. Our chapter is not responsible for parking validation.

How often are the meetings and where are they located?

IAMCP SoCal-North has one monthly meeting at the Topanga Canyon Community Resource Center. Main Meeting is scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30am. Lunch is provided for all members and first time guests. Other optional events or meetings are typically scheduled to maximize your partnership and allow for additional networking with other partners or vendors.

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